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When this website was launched, it was decided that we would not comment on other cases or give opinions other than on this case.

I can tell you where I was when Reagan was shot,

I can tell you where I was when when the space shuttle blew up (twice!),

I can tell you where I was when live I watched the 2nd plane hit the WTC on 9/11,

I can tell you where I was when my DNA test results came back...

And now, I can tell you where I was when the father of Anna Nicole's baby was announced, Larry Birkhead, the baby girl's Daddy.

Following the story, I was very interested in finding out who the Dad was, and how he would be treated when the DNA test results were revealed. The baby's last name is being changed. ( Good thing there was no Care & Custody Agreement signed! ) Canada and its legal system need to take note of the way THIS Dad was treated. Unlike me, who can't even get a visit with my son from his 'caregivers'. ( Captors ) If you think what happened to me and my son was fair, just call me ADAM

Hey Adam,

We are so glad that you are requesting to have your visits back with your son. Here it is 26 days after your request has been sent off to the P.A. couples Lawyer, and again they are stalling just like before. The Prince Albert couple that have your son need to be dragged back into that court room with a Judge that has some common knowledge of what is in the best interest of the child, and demand your visits back, better yet go for the works, and get overnight weekend visits, with your son. He is your son and never will be the son of the Prince Albert couple, as neither of them are the birth parents. They are nothing more than care givers. Looking forward to the appeal, we will be there for you and so will a lot of others that know that your son should be with you.

Message to Saskatoon Dad's Legal Team;

I am a Director of the Saskatoon Dad's Web-site and I am dismayed to learn of the rumor that Opposing Counsel is apparently, holding the contents of this site over your Client's Head. I understand that Adam (not his real name) continues to be denied access to his son and it appears clear to the writer that Opposing Counsel is using his Prejudicial views of the materials on this site as rational to ignore the Pre-existing Court Awarded Access. We have offered to review any specific document, record or comment that Opposing Counsel muses to be Offensive, Yet, nothing has been forwarded to our attention.

As you know, Canadian's have come out in support of Adam and many have contributed to his legal fees. Please know that it would be easier to assure Canadian's of your competency if you act efficiently towards re-securing Adam's and Ian's (not his real name), respected access rights to each other.

Please, Help us Help you.

Allan Buteau

Box 1205

Redwater, AB.

T0A 2W0

Krystal has been keeping me informed of your story from the beginning. I can't believe what is happening to you! It is outrageous! If you get a petition going, I will be happy to put my name to it, and pass it to my friends.

Your website is very well done, and I feel for you, having lost a child a year ago. Krystal was an email buddy of his.

No one should have to fight that hard for their own child, AND not even win him! And to have visitation removed is SO unfair.

Just know that my family is watching your case, and supporting your fight - don't give up. There is always hope.

Prayers and Best Wishes,

Dorothy Haddrell.

Dear Adam,

I'm from Oregon and I followed a link to your site from one of my friends' blogs. I'm an adoptee and a mother and my heart goes out to you. I am hoping and praying that you and Ruth have Ian to love and hold soon. I wish that the rule makers, judges ect. could appreciate how important it is for a child to be with their birthparent, if at all possible. I admire you for fighting so hard for your son. I just wanted you and Ruth to know that there are people all over the place supporting you. Best wishes,


Dear Adam,

Thankyou for the link to your website. My condolences regarding the situation. The injustice is terrible. I am presently studying law in my first year and hope I will be able to help everyday people and fight injustice in our legal system after I finish my studies. Best of luck with the appeal and God bless.



Hey, it's Jae Lynn

Just wanted to encourage you to keep fighting and I think you will be an awesome dad and I have a lot of faith that you will get your son. Never give up hope. I know these are difficult times but you are a strong man and you will made it through. If there is anything I can do to try and help, just ask. Keep me posted, you know how to get ahold of me or I will probably talk to you in the next couple days anyway.

Jae Lynn

Screaming Mike
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Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 10:25 AM

> What a mess!!! What kind of legal system do we have
> in this Country!!!
> This Judge should be de-throwned and is only fit for
> the pit.
> Appeal away, and if you loose that one appeal again
> and again and again.
> I shure feel sorry for this little boy. Deprived of
> his only biological father, and grandparents.
> best regards,
> Mark Bogan
> Yellowknife, NT

From Quebec city..

Great web site and well done. I am following your cas since the begining. Not much was said on your case here in Quebec.

Since 1998, I am pushing the obligation of a DNA test for every new born child. And the obligation to include the father ?s name with it.

My aim is to create a tink tank groupe of experts, including a father case. After push the gov. to buil d a law .

Be nice to have a contact.

Take care and keep the fight.

Gilbert Claes


There is no nobler fight than that of a parent to be a parent to their biologic son or daughter. Not in my lifetime anyway.

The courts of Canada have been morally misguided in the way they have made decisions in this country. The only way to bring attention to this deliberate injustice is to take it to the highest court and hope that we can expose this to the general public.

My heart, prayers and encourage are with you. The pain, anguish and efforts could not be more worthwhile and important to many Canadian fathers. Keep up the fight and your spirits.

Glenn in Toronto


Was just forwarded this from a friend. I can't imagine your frustrations,

this is not right. Please do not quite fighting!!

Dear Adam & Ruth,

I know there's nothing I can say right now to make
things better and I have no power to help you in any
way, all I can do is offer comfort and support in
this matter and pray that you do get full custody of
your precious son.

I first heard of you on one of our radio stations
today on my way home from work and had to visit your
website and was horrified to read that a judge would
make such a devasting decision. I'm going to continue
to follow up on your situation and I stand behind you
110%. I have lost in the past and that empty feeling
never goes away, you have a big chance and I am
positive that you will win, just hope it's sooner
than later so you both won't miss all those treasured


Dartmouth, NS

P.S just remember that God gives only what he knows we
can handle

Hi xxxx,

Thank you for forwarding your web access to me. As you know Heather has been keeping me up to date and I read the Star Phoenix online daily to keep up with how you have been doing.

I, as well as most other people feel that a great injustice has been done to both you and your son. If what the judge has said was true, all of us who are everyday working people would have had our children taken from us. I certainly wasn't aware that you needed to be wealthy and have access to the best things in life in order to have and raise our children. I would love to see a picture of your son, if you can legally show them to people. Heather said he is a little cutie!

Keep your head high! Sometimes "Good Guys" do finish first and I believe that will happen, you just have to keep fighting and keep your head high!

Good luck!


To Adam and Ruth (Eve);

I read your message, the letters, and a lot of the other documents displayed on your web-site.

It is clear that Canada is behind you in your plight to bring your son home.

I like where Jeremy Swanson wrote: It might just be the catalyst for change we all know has to come.

Wacky Smith got one more point wrong; you two should be referred to as Adam and Eve. Your courage is contagious and it will help bring us out of the Hell we know as Family In-Justice and deliver us back to the Garden of Eden.

Your dedication and commitment gives Canadians a new definition of Family and Fatherhood.

Best Wishes,

Allan Buteau

God be with you in your fight for your right to be a father....

It's a shocking disgrace the way fathers are treated in this country....

We are behind you, stay strong....

Kevin G

I wanted to email you to tell you that you are doing a great thing. I don't understand why, in our society today where we hear all the time of dad's failing to take responsibility for their children, anyone would want to keep you from doing just that. Someone else is ready, willing and able to care for this little baby, but the baby is your child, and you are choosing to take responsibility for him. That is admirable! You are a man with integrity, and that is a quality so lacking these days. Sir, I salute you!

Best Regards



We having been following your story and would like to help in a small way. Please send the account number and mailing address for the institution as there is no TD Canda Trust where we live.

There is something rotten going on here . Men are regularly treated like criminal and women get away with vile acts totally untouched. I know in our case my husbands ex-wife committed blatant fraud. We proved it beyond any doubt but the officials would not persue the case.

I think there are many Dad's out there who can relate to you and your family. Keep up the good fight.

Rita and Fern

I just want to let you know that I saw XXXX on the national new last night and was blown away by the judges ruling. If you could let him know that he has a lot of support out this way as two of my neighbors even mentioned it to me this morning while I was shovelling the drive way at how that was as they say"A Total Bullshit call on the judges behalf". Something he might consider is an online petition regarding his situation. I've seen this done for other injustices and it works. I really hope that this isn't the end, I really hope that XXXX keeps up the fight as he is in his right to claim what is his. This is a first that I've seen where the biological parent was not granted there parental right to be a father to his or her child in this case....Mark

Hi. I wanted to say that I have been watching your case in the newspaper
from the beginning, and I wish you the best of luck.

I have a close friend who is going through a similar situation to yours,
and he emphasizes with you. He has three kids, and is fighting too.

I have lost one child 16 years ago to the father, and whom I haven't seen
in that same period of time. So, I too, emphasize.

All the best wishes for a happy reunion with your son. Best wishes,
Prince Albert.

My name is Anthony xxxxxx. I am so sorry for what you are going thru. I have been going thru almost the same thing for over six years now. Fighting to see my daughter. The courts and my ex took her from me when she was four years old, and that has been the hardest thing I have ever had to face. I pretty much raised her from birth to four and that makes it so much harder for me. I am asking you to please stay strong for all of us fighting this very same fight. I am so sick of the media focusing on the "Deatbeatdad" and never on the part of the fighting Parent (Father). I am sorry I cannot help financially due to my own case (six years has drained me as well, financially and mentally) but if support is what you are looking for also I am here for you (just ask) I wish you the best and please don't ever stop fighting!!!

Hi again xxxx. Congratulations on your first of many visits with your
son. I read your story today in the PA Daily Herald and was very happy to
hear that you were able to have a one hour and five minute visit with your
son at the Children's Haven. One thing about little babies: They have
this uncanny sense of knowing their real parent even though they have been
taken away. Many best wishes for many years of happiness with your new


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have been thinking about you. I keep reading the articles on the Star Phoenix's website and keep wondering how you are managing with all the stress that going on in your life. I talk to Heather once a week and she has been filling me in.

I have to tell you when I read the article in the paper last Friday...telling that you finally got to hold your son, I cried. I was sitting at my desk at work with tears rolling down my face. I was so happy for you. And Heather tells me that you seen him again on Monday. I can't imagine what it must feel like, but it had to be an awesome feeling.

I wish you well and I hope that all this turmoil that you are going through will come to a great ending.

Take care and I will keep in touch.