We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this entire ordeal. Our families and friends have stood by us, unconditionally, and without their support we would never have made it through.

We have also received many emails from across this country and beyond. You will never know how much your words of encouragement and support have kept us strong in our fight for our son.

There have been many sleepless nights and tears of joy and disappointment for us throughout the past nine months. With the strength of each other and words of encouragement we are as strong as ever. The heart ache of knowing that you have a child out there, but not allowed, or forbidden to see him, is unbearable. When walking past his room, ready for him, and knowing that in the crib that you have lovingly set up for him, and the excitement that was put into creating a "little boys room", he will not enjoy at this time, that is simply wrong.

We have crossed a lot of brick walls, in the past nine months, and have had no help from the people, that you thought would help you in times of trouble. The frustration level with us, in trying to be acknowledged by government agencies, is outrageous, and should never have gotten to this level. Here you think, that the government that you put into parliament, would help people in times of trouble regardless of how much money you make, type of accommodations you have, your race, your beliefs, etc. but instead they will turn their backs on you and walk away, and still to this day remain silent.

Although the judgment was not what we had hoped for, the most difficult thing has been losing our visits with the baby.

The family courts have left us with no other option but to appeal. We will remain strong in our fight until we truly feel that we have gotten justice, not just for us but for future children.

We feel that by letting the judges ruling stand will set a negative precedence for all children and parents across Canada. Our goal when we started out was to make change and to prevent this happening to anyone else. Instead we feel we have achieved the opposite.

We would like to say how much we love our son and miss him deeply.

Ruth & Adam